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Ohioans to Stop Executions is bringing together a broad coalition of organizations, faith groups, and individuals across the state that are fed up with our broken death penalty system. We represent the millions of Ohioans who aren’t willing to stand idly by while botched executions, exonerations, geographic disparities, and shady dealings by government officials put the integrity of our criminal justice system at stake. With your help, we are making great strides against the death penalty in Ohio.

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BREAKING NEWS: Ready to take action today?

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine let slip that no more executions would happen until proposed legislation is passed. It turns out that the Attorney General has been working with county prosecutors on several bills to turn some public information around executions into state secrets. One big problem with this legislation is that they may try to pass it in the rush of the lame duck legislative session, when few people are paying close attention and no one is held accountable. The press has spoken out strongly against these proposed changes (see editorials here, here, and here).

The other big problem? These bills promise secrecy and anonymity for medical professionals who violate their professional ethics in support of executions. OTSE has quickly organized with faith organizations and civil rights groups to stop the secrecy bills!

Here's how you can help!

 If you live in Ohio, click here to see the roster of county prosecutors. Find yours and call them, then e-mail them, and then put a letter in the postal mail. In each message make the following brief points, and be sure to give your contact information. End your communication by asking for a response in writing:

  • I live in [name of your county]
  • I want you to stop trying to pass secrecy bills to help medical professionals violate their code of ethics by participating in executions;
  • I want you to work to change the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association position so that the recommendations of the Supreme Court Joint Task Force on the Administration of Ohio's Death Penalty get a full and fair hearing at the legislature. Everyone wants the death penalty to be fair and accurate.

Thank You,

Kevin Werner

Executive Director

PS – Two OTSE members have pledged to match the next $10,000 we receive in donations. That means every dollar you give to OTSE actually means $2 to our cause. Double your dollars today!

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