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$50,000 + 3,500 letters from you

Dear friend,

At this time of Thanksgiving, I want to thank you for the generous giving that you and many other OTSE members have done over the past few months.

  • In September, two generous supporters contributed $10,000 for a matching donation campaign. Over the following two months, we met that goal together.
  • When OTSE learned about the Secret Executions Bill, we asked you to stand with us. Together, we sent over 3,500 letters to members of the House Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee where the bill was being introduced.
  • Last week, 3 men were exonerated after the Cuyahoga County prosecutor agreed to dismiss all charges against them. Ricky Jackson, 
  • Wiley Bridgeman and Kwame Ajamu are Ohio’s 7th, 8th and 9th death row exonerees. You showed an outpouring of support by donating over $40,000 to help Wiley, Ricky and Kwame transition back into freedom for the first time in nearly 40 years. 

Your tireless efforts to stop executions (as well as fighting the Secret Executions Bill making its way to the Ohio Senate) have made you leaders among the millions of Ohioans who oppose the death penalty. Thank you.


Kwame Ajamu (L) and Wiley Bridgeman, brothers, embrace following Wiley’s exoneration.

Photo: John Kuntz / Plain Dealer

Throughout the rest of the holiday season, please continue to think of Wiley, Ricky, OTSE and the important work of passing the Task Force Reforms that we have planned in 2015. Help us raise the funds needed to keep our organization moving forward. Contribute to our year-end campaign by giving here.

Yours in the struggle,

Kevin Werner

Executive Director

PS – Have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving. Thank you for your outpouring of generosity for Wiley Bridgeman, Ricky Jackson and Kwame Ajamu following their exoneration this past week.

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