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You Don’t Want to Miss This Cincinnati Event… (9/20/14)

Dear friend,

This Saturday, Mt. Auburn Presbyterian Church will be hosting four distinguished panelists– along with myself– to discuss the recommendations that were handed down by the Ohio Supreme Court Task Force (still confused as to what the recommendations are? Check out the interactive tool on our website).

This will be a unique experience to hear conservative perspectives on Ohio's death penalty system. Here's the list of the other panelists:

Jim Petro served as Attorney General of Ohio from 2003 to 2007. A Republican, he has been publicly committed to strong law-and-order platforms, and he launched a breakthrough effort that added 210,000 criminal DNA profiles from Ohio to the national DNA CODIS database. His 37 years as an attorney includes almost three decades of service as an elected official including state representative and Ohio Auditor of State.
Nancy Petro has 35 of years of experience in marketing, publishing, and business management and has taken an active role in her husband's political career
Senator Bill Seitz of Ohio District 8 (Part of Hamilton County)
Terry Collins served as the Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections and oversaw over 30 executions

Don't miss what is sure to be a capitivating exchange by these panelists. I look forward to seeing you on Saturday from 2-4PM at the Mount Auburn Presbyterian Church!

Please share this information with others and encourage them to attend with you, or instead of you if you cannot make it. To get more info and to spread the word, download the flyer.


Kevin Werner

Executive Director

PS: In case you've missed the good news, two of your fellow OTSE members are supporting the work and making events like this possible by matching the next $10,000 donated by individual members and supporting organizations. Click here to double your dollars today!

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