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Partner Organizations

Ohioans to Stop Executions is a coalition of both individuals and organizations with the similar goal of reducing and ultimately, ending executions.

We partner with faith and secular communities, both nationally and within the state of Ohio.

Our coalition strives to use our collective strength to help end the death penalty. As you’ll see at the bottom of our website, we’re proud to display your organization’s logo with a link to your website.

Some common ways our partner organizations support our work:

    • Promoting upcoming events in their newsletters and other publications
    • Financial support
    • Providing volunteers
    • Co-sponsoring/Organizing an event

There are many ways to get your organization involved. E-mail OTSE staff member Peter Kobak if you’re interested in formally joining our coalition.



Did you know? At the bottom of each page, you can find a scrolling list of our partner organizations. Click the organization’s logo to go to their website!


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