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Dear friend,

We’re on a roll! Now more than ever before, your engagement as a member of OTSE is vital, as is your financial support.

I’m excited to report OTSE has done what you wanted us to do.

Last night, the Ohio Senate passed a significantly watered down version of HB 663, the “Secret Executions Bill.” Several terrible aspects were removed entirely. The bill still grants anonymity to medical professionals who get involved in the execution process, but it requires oversight by an ethics panel, and it has a two year sunset provision.

The good news? Legislators added amendments to begin doing what you have been asking for since the May release of 56 recommendations by the Supreme Court Task Force on the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty. The good amendments have not made it into the news yet, but click here to read some of the details of last night’s debate.

Also last night, several legislators made clear statements that the Task Force recommendations will receive full consideration in 2015. Click here to applaud House and Senate Leadership!

I want to thank you, because with your support, Ohioans to Stop Executions has moved forward significantly in 2014:

Chairman of the Supreme Court Task Force, Judge James Brogan, speaks to Ohioans at a Voices of Experience event in Springfield last October

  • Only one execution took place in all of 2014.
  • Three more innocent men were exonerated in one day.
  • Pro-death penalty task force members participated in OTSE-sponsored “Voices of Experience” and other educational programs all across the state.
  • Solid commitments were promised from key lawmakers to pass reform legislation.
  • OTSE launched a new subsidiary organization, the OTSE Action Fund, to enhance lobbying efforts at the Statehouse.
  • More than 5,700 communications were sent to legislators to stop the “Secret Executions Bill.”
  • Twenty-five (25) different editorials were written about Ohio’s broken death penalty.

Together, these indicators show us that big changes are coming to Ohio’s death penalty system. They also show us we are winning the debate and magnifying your voice in Columbus.

OTSE’s success in 2014 is attributed to you. You believe Ohio can and must do better for victims’ families. You believe one innocent person on death row is too many. You want fairness and accuracy to be the hallmark of Ohio’s criminal justice system. You want to continue the process of ending executions in Ohio once and for all.

We thank you for your commitment to support OTSE and for your willingness to step up and take action when required.

We are at our most critical moment as an organization and as a movement to end Ohio’s death penalty system. And we’re here at this moment because of you. Thank you!

Please continue to support the work we do together this holiday season.

Very truly yours,

Kevin Werner

Executive Director

PS: Your generous support today to “OTSE” is tax deductible. You might also choose to donate to the “OTSE Action Fund,” which is not deductible. Contributions made to the “OTSE Action Fund” are used for lobbying. Either way, we’ll put your dollars to effective use to end executions in our state. Thank you!

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