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Thank you for being a part of the fight to stop executions in Ohio. Find out more ways you can take action today on this page!

More Ways to Get Involved:

1. Let Your Elected Officials Know How You Stand

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[medium_red_button link=”″]I am firmly against the death penalty, but if we must continue to execute, Ohio’s system needs to be as fair and accurate as possible until we repeal altogether.[/medium_red_button]

[medium_red_button link=”″]Even though I believe in the death penalty in principle, I want our criminal justice system to be as fair and accurate as possible.[/medium_red_button]

2. Spread the word!

Download this front-and-back flier and make copies to share with friends, family and neighbors. Post them at the library, book stores, coffee shops, and leave one in magazines at the doctors office, salon, and the car repair waiting room.  You get the idea – help put the information into people’s hands.

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