Dear friend,

Thank you for being a leader.

Your leadership and financial support for Ohioans to Stop Executions (OTSE) means that our critical work to is on the verge of success. I write to thank you and to invite your ongoing support at this time.

For over 25 years, because of people like you, OTSE has been raising awareness, educating citizens and elected leaders, and rallying support. That work is paying off and we are now positioned to push forward the first legislative restrictions on Ohio’s death penalty in decades. Together, we have a very good chance of succeeding.

Ohio is gaining recognition across the country as a state where major death penalty reforms are possible in the near future, and OTSE is gaining recognition as the group that is leading the hard and crucial work that will make those reforms a reality.

That recognition had given us reason to be optimistic that national funders will be renewing their support for OTSE for the next year and beyond. There is a new process with these foundations, and last month OTSE was one of a handful of state groups which were invited to apply. Funding proposals were submitted in the past few weeks; the funding cycle is such that a final determination won’t be made until October and funds will not arrive until November.

OTSE runs a tight and limited budget. Our extensive work this crucial year – organizing opposition to the death penalty, supporting clemency requests and appeals, conducting critical research into the opportunities for reform in Ohio – has left us facing a budget shortfall that threatens our ability to maintain momentum at the very time when it is most crucial.

We are close – very close – to the solid financial footing that will carry OTSE forward to 2015 and a major campaign to reform the death penalty in Ohio. With your help now, we will bridge the shortfall we currently face. Please support OTSE in the most generous amount you can, as soon as you can. Please donate online with a credit card here or you can support OTSE with a check sent to our new office in Columbus, at 9 E. Long St., Suite 202, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

There is some good news. Once again, two of your fellow OTSE have stepped up and agreed to match the next $10,000 that is donated to OTSE. Therefore, your support right now will be doubled. Since last week’s e-mail in which we made our first announcement about this match, several OTSE board members and advisors have kicked off the effort and we’ve already received nearly $1500!

Please know that I would not ask for this additional support from you if I did not believe you would want to join me in ensuring that OTSE maintain itself, and grow. If there were ever a time when your generous support will make a real difference, it is now. Feel free to call me with any questions you might have.


Kevin Werner
Executive Director

PS: I just wanted to re-emphasize this point: Two of your fellow OTSE members are supporting the work by matching the next $10,000 donated by individual members and supporting organizations. Click here to double your dollars today!