There are many ways in which you can help OTSE stop executions in Ohio. Take a look below at the various ways to get involved, then fill out the form on this page with your desired volunteer activity. Expect a reply from us soon for an orientation, training, and support session.

    • Monitor local news coverage and help OTSE know when there is something to respond to
    • Monitor & respond to online-line news commentary and blogs
    • Help arrange for educational events/speakers in my area and/or with civic/faith groups that I am involved with
    • Host a gathering at my home/office for OTSE educational and/or fundraising activities
    • Make phone calls to people in my area asking them to contact elected officials (We’ll train you!)
    • Door to door canvassing in my area with other OTSE members (We’ll train you!)
    • Data entry or other “mundane” busy work

 Volunteer Spotlight: Eileen Jewett

Eileen (@cbusdatura) is a life-long resident of Columbus and takes great pride in her city and state. She has a BA in Sociology from The Ohio State University and makes a point to stay informed and engaged in current events. Outside of her occupation as an office assistant, she spends most of her time working on woodcrafts and enjoying the city.Why are you against the death penalty?I oppose the death penalty because we are all human beings and we all have the capacity for mistakes. As the system of justice is a human institution, the same rule applies – we can and do make mistakes. The state taking a life is the greatest power that a government can have and in our time in history, civilization needs to reevaluate our purpose in punishment and truly focus on how to make our society safer and respectful of life.

Do you have a favorite memory from an OTSE event?

Through OTSE I’ve had the great honor to meet death row exonerees from Ohio: Joe D’Ambrosio, Dale Johnson, and Derrick Jamison. I’ve also had the opportunity to take that experience and talk with the public at festival tables on OTSE’s behalf. I enjoy talking to anyone about this issue because I truly believe that if people took the time to think about it and had all the facts, we will come to an agreement – the death penalty has to end.

What are your hopes for Ohio’s future?

As Ohio is a bellwether state, I want us to ring loud and clear that vengeance solves nothing and that all human beings are worthy of life and breath. I want Ohio to lead the way in victim services and to really give support for those whose lives have been tragically altered by the actions of others. The desire for revenge is a base human instinct and we as a society need to recognize that revenge is hollow and no amount of eye for an eye will make our state and country safer – no matter how harsh that realization is.

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