Have you seen the new Star Wars movie? Pretty cool, yes, but recently I’ve been thinking more about the old television series, Star Trek. Set centuries in the future, the death penalty was non-existent, seen as a useless relic of a less civilized past.

With your help, we’re not going to have to wait that long! In fact, we could be just a few short years from ending executions in Ohio forever.

2016 will be a critical year for Ohioans to Stop Executions and our movement to abolish the death penalty in Ohio. We expect to pass several bills to restrict the death penalty, and we’ll continue to raise the profile of our issue and the millions of Ohioans who, like you, are ready to end executions.

And right now, your investment is immediately doubled! Thanks to the generosity of another member of Ohioans to Stop Executions, all investments are being matched, dollar for dollar, until we get to $100,000! This is OTSE’s largest individual commitment to-date, and you can help carry it twice as far. There’s never been a better time to maximize your investment to end executions in Ohio.

In Star Trek, when team members were ready to be transported from one place to another, they gave the command, Energize! Please transport Ohioans to Stop Executions into 2016 with your generous investment.




We wish you and yours all the best in 2016 – Live Long & Prosper!

Yours in the Struggle,


Abraham J. Bonowitz
Strategy, Communications & Organizing

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