Dear OTSE Supporter,

This week is a milestone in our movement. First, we remember the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr—a man whose compassion and energy for justice continues to inspire us. Dr. King envisioned an America without the death penalty and he spoke fervently against it throughout his life. We will continue to keep his work in mind as we fight for reform in the year ahead.

Second, today marks a year since Ohio carried out its last execution. On January, 16th 2014, witnesses watched the experimental execution of Dennis McGuire that lead to a court-ordered moratorium on executions.

Since then, we’ve worked to make your voice heard. We were able to pass reforms recommended by the Task Force to Review the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty.

This week is one for remembrance. But we have 50 weeks left in 2015—let’s make those weeks for effective education and advocacy. In the coming weeks, we’ll announce a new initiative to reach out to more Ohioans than ever before. Stay up to date and stay active by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, and visiting our website.

Kevin Werner
Executive Director
PS – May we all be inspired by the life of Dr. King, as well as our own achievements in the past year. Most importantly, may these thoughts move us to action in the weeks ahead.