Dear Friend,

All summer long, Ohioans to Stop Executions has been getting ready for an unprecedented level of action opportunities this fall, and now it’s time to loop you in. Take a look at the following items so you can plan to participate in-person and/or by spreading the word, contacting elected officials, and contributing to cover costs.

First, we’ve already let you know that several abolition bills have been introduced and various bills to implement some of the Task Force reforms are in the works. There will be hearings to attend, letters to write, and real opportunities for progress – IF we all do our part! Click here to learn more and support the OTSE Action Fund, which is dedicated to supporting your priorities at the Statehouse.


October 4 to 10: Join the Walk to Stop Executions! Ohioans to Stop Executions is a partner in an awareness-raising action that really lets you walk the talk. Starting October 4th at the prison in Lucasville where executions take place, we’ll be walking 83 miles to the Statehouse with one clear message: that it is time to end the death penalty in Ohio. We know most people can’t take a week off to do this, but those who can are welcome, and everyone is invited to be part of the last couple of miles or just the final rally on Saturday, October 10 in Columbus. Volunteers are also needed to help organize car pools or church vans to Columbus from all over the state for the final leg. Visit the Walk to Stop Executions web page to learn more and sign up!

October 10: As part of its annual gathering of exonerated death row survivors, Witness to Innocence is hosting a conference about the death penalty in Cleveland. The day will start at 9am and includes leading experts on topics such as the World Campaign to Abolish the Death Penalty, DNA and Abolition, Compensation for exonerees, getting involved in Ohio, and a Tribute to Dave Keaton, the first Death Row Exoneree in the current era, who died recently. More information will posted as it becomes available.

There’s more coming up. Many events are being scheduled as part of OTSE’s Faith Leader Initiative, so watch the calendar and stay tuned!


Kevin Werner
Executive Director

PS: We appreciate your support and invite you to consider making a monthly commitment to the Action Fund through the sustainer program. Remember, since the Action Fund lobbies, contributions are not tax-deductible.