Dear friend,

I wanted to make sure you knew about this free event we're organizing near you.

At 7PM on Thursday, October 2nd at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Springfield, four distinguished panelists are coming together to discuss their experiences with Ohio's death penalty and the recommendations that were handed down by the Ohio Supreme Court Task Force earlier this year (still confused as to what the recommendations are? Check out the interactive tool on our website).

This will be a unique experience to hear voices of experience on Ohio's death penalty system. Here's who will be there:


Joe D’Ambrosio, who survived for twenty-three years on Ohio’s death row for a crime he did not commit. In 2012, he become our state’s 6th death row exoneree.
Terry J. Collins, who, as Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction, oversaw more than 30 executions.
Charles Keith, who has both lost a loved one to murder and who’s brother was on Ohio’s death row before his sentence was commuted by Governor Strickland.
Judge James A. Brogan, Chairman of the Ohio Supreme Court Joint Task Force on the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty

Don't miss what is sure to be a capitivating exchange by these individuals. I look forward to seeing you on Thursday, October 2nd at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Springfield!

Please share this information with others and encourage them to attend with you, or instead of you if you cannot make it. To get more info and to spread the word, download the flyer.

If you're a faith leader, you're invited to an exclusive luncheon for discussion with our speakers and to receive a special briefing on OTSE’s Faith Leader Initiative. Please contact for details if you help lead a faith community or if you would like to make sure your faith community leader(s) are invited.


Kevin Werner

Executive Director

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