Dear friend,

You and I have a real opportunity to change Ohio’s laws in ways that lead to fewer executions and which put us on the path to ending the death penalty in our state.

I’m very excited about our Voices of Experience events this week. We’re in Columbus on Tuesday, Wilmington on Wednesday and Springfield on Thursday. Updated details are on the OTSE Calendar, along with other new event listings by partner organizations.

Later this month we’ll be near Toledo – in Sylvania on October 16th and we’re still open to other events with our powerful speaking team on October 14 & 15. If you can help pull together an event on short notice, please e-mail or call him at 800-973-6548. The event this week in Wilmington was organized starting only two weeks ago. That’s the thing about OTSE – we can turn on a dime when it makes sense to do so!

The Voices of Experience are coming to a town near you!


So why turn on a dime and go to a rural community like Wilmington? It’s simple. We learned the legislator most likely to be the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives is from that legislative district. We need his support to pass reform legislation, and therefore he needs to know that his constituents care. We’re going there to make sure the people who live there are informed so they can ask their legislators to support change.

It’s really a simple strategy. That’s why we started the Voices of Experience tour in Wapakoneta – it’s in the heart of Senate President Faber’s district. We’re in Sylvania on the 16th because that’s the House Majority Leader’s district.

Speaking of turning on a dime, we need your dimes! Only with your support and involvement as a member of Ohioans to Stop Executions will OTSE be successful. Everything you and I do this fall sets the stage for legislative action to implement the recommendations of the Supreme Court Task Force on the Administration of Ohio’s Death Penalty to make the capital punishment system in our state applied more fairly and used less often.

You can help bring speakers to your community. You can use copies of the Task Force flier to help educate, organize and mobilize your friends, family and colleagues to pressure your legislators to give the Task Force recommendations a fair hearing and then implement them. And you can help OTSE fund this work.

Two of your fellow members of Ohioans to Stop Executions feel so strongly about the importance of our work that they stepped forward to match every donation received by OTSE up to $10,000! Your generous support today helps OTSE continue our work into next year’s legislative session. And we need it today. Whether you can give, $5 or $5,000 – or anything in between, remember that your donation will be matched until we raise $10,000.

If you have already donated recently, thank you. If you have not yet done so, please take a moment right now to donate at, or send your most generous donation to our new office in Columbus and help OTSE continue to fight. The new office is at 9 E. Long St, Suite 202, Columbus, Ohio 43215.

Thank You,

Kevin Werner

Executive Director

I can’t emphasize this point enough, so I will say it again. Two of your fellow OTSE members have pledged to match the next $10,000 we receive in donations. That means every dollar you give to OTSE actually means $2 to our cause. Double your dollars today!